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The Administering Authority: Orkney

‘]Administering Authority[/simple_tooltip]: Orkney Island Council

We ask that you write a regular letter to your Councillors to urge them to support the divestment of companies complicit in Israel’s violations of Palestinian rights from the Orkney Islands Pension Fund. 

Make sure that the Pension Fund is not invested in any of the companies highlighted by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCHR), whose activities in the illegally Occupied Palestinians Territories have raised particular human rights concerns.

Councils participating in this Fund:

List of Employers: as at 31 March 2020 (page 63) – [Download PDF]

The Pension Committee

  • Councillor Alexander G Cowie
  • Councillor Barbara Foulkes
  • Councillor Steven B Heddle
  • Councillor Rachael A King
  • Councillor W Leslie Manson (Chair)
  • Councillor Stephen Sankey
  • Councillor James W Stockan

The Pension Board:

  • Chair: Leader of the Council – James Stockan
  • Vice Chair: Depute Leader of the Council – Leslie Manson


  • Councillor Owen Tierney
  • Councillor Duncan Tullock
  • Councillor Harvey Johnston

Union Representatives:

  • Karen Kent – Unison
  • Eoin Millar – Unite
  • Mark Vincent – GMB

Employer Representative:

  • Andrew Blake – Orkney Ferries Ltd

Website: Orkney Council